Welcome to KUL Express

We’re a team of technology, logistics and finance experts providing shipping solution for your business. That’s why so many companies are choosing us.

From independent operators to SME businesses, they choose KUL express as their international business and advisory management vendor scaled to their needs.

Our package price is designed to grow with your business.

Herewith our solutions providing and operating for clients who are individuals / manufactories / e-shoppers or import export trading companies :

- Shipping materials, auto-parts to VN for personal use, or for friends, relatives, or for your company/factory, or for self-business

- Shipping Goods or Materials for clients abroad

- Picking up, sorting, packing, delivering goods to international buyers of any e-commerce platform

- Shipping to FBA/Amazon, or Fulfillment centers of European and Chinese e-commerce platforms

- Shipping Goods to distribution warehouses in the US or EU, China, and deliver upon order

- Dropshipping service for e-commerce goods

- Safely Sending original documents, sample products & international exhibition products quickly

- Full logistics services Door to Door worldwide

We have international delivery services options to fit your needs. Let’s reach your international consumers and make your business global today with us.

We commit to bring expertise, experience, technology, network, service attitude, customer satisfaction until completing the delivery of each shipment.