1. Disclaimer of compensation liability in the following cases: 

KUL Express is exempt from liability for damage to goods in the following cases:

  • Damage caused entirely by the fault of the customer (sender and receiver);
  • Damage caused entirely by the inherent nature of the goods for example fragile goods, perishable goods;
  • The complainant cannot prove the delivery and loss or damage of the goods;
  • The goods have been delivered and the recipient has no opinion when receiving the goods;
  • Goods without invoices, proof of origin, confiscated or destroyed according to decisions of competent agencies;
  • Customers declare untruthful contents of goods;
  • The complainant fails to comply with the provisions on complaints and dispute settlement as prescribed by law;
  • Goods are robbed, snatched by the recipient that the Customer (sender) has specified;
  • Force majeure cases in accordance with Vietnamese and International Laws;
  • In case a part of damage occurs due to Customer (sender) violation of shipping policies and regulations, KUL Express is exempt from liability to compensate for damage corresponding to the level of damage caused by customer (sender). go out;
  • Other indirect consequences arising in connection with the delay or loss of the goods. Disclaimer in case of delay in the process due to the following reasons:
  • Objective reasons such as: delivery delay, trip cancellation has been notified to the sender by KUL Express;
  • Cases where goods are temporarily detained for inspection at the request of competent authorities;
  • Due to failure to contact the recipient, or because the recipient rescheduled the delivery time;
  • Complaint beyond the prescribed time limit.


  • Services Package : Priority (Corporate)
  • Bags for Document : Special Plastics Bags - provided
  • Cartons for Sample : Specification is subject to goods’ GW (good materials)
  • Services Support : Phyto-sanitary Cert., Gel Ice, Vaccum
  • Proof of Delivery : Receiver’s signature
  • AWB to provide : Before Goods picked-up

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