Logistics is one of the most important parts of eCommerce businesses. And logistics management in view of the rise of eCommerce nowadays has become more important because of shoppers’ purchasing demand of good experience. More than 2 billion people have purchased eGoods and more than five trillion dollars of egoods sales round the world are remarkable. Obviously, we will not be surprised by new bigger numbers in the coming years.


A smooth and seamless purchasing experience for the shoppers is the target for most of sellers if they aim to scale up their eCommerce business. 


Our elogistics solutions of B2B, B2C are ready to amplify your eCommerce businesses to the next level.






Order Fulfillment


You are eCommerce sellers looking for solutions to :


  • Avoid backlog of orders
  • Conveniently and efficiently manage orders until completing doorstep delivery to FBA or to the buyers (buying goods over multi-channels Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, etc.)
  • Save costs and to proactively supply goods quickly and maximize efficiency of your business operation
  • Track your orders


Based on our network, we can provide the solutions.


Factors affect Order Fulfillment Fees : 

These are some of them you may well note:


  • Onboarding costs (creating new account, setting up API, training, etc. Normally it is free)
  • Inventory receiving costs (receiving, sorting, storing)
  • Inventory storage costs (storing while waiting for fulfillment upon order)
  • Order packaging costs  (picking, packing, wrapping, labeling)
  • Kitting costs (picking all, bundling, palletizing)
  • Shipping costs (weighing, measuring, pricing)


Sometimes these are itemized, while other times everything is bundled into a cost-per-order model. 



Shipping Methods


Our network system play a role as a one stop logistics platform for our customers. We provide international parcel pick-up, delivery, and return solutions for business customers, including online sellers, e-marketplaces, and related participants in the eCommerce logistics market.


This system allow us to provide cross border B2B / B2C delivery solutions worldwide :


  • Payment & Billing : Support online payment and invoicing
  • Label Printing : Capable of printing different service of lables at Origin
  • Platform Integration : Flexible APIs/EDIs allow to connect & integrate with logistics systems
  • Order Management : Package management, data import
  • Order Tracking : End-to-End package tracking available


Meanwhile, all shipments' movements are supported by end-to-end tracking – shipments are monitored from the point of acceptance up to the point of delivery with our IT facilities. 


The criterias normally used for the calculation of shipping costs are as follows:


  • Parcel size
  • Parcel weight
  • Country of origin
  • Country of destination
  • Online tracking system
  • Insurance (if included or not)


Our delivery services and hightlights :






Clearance Methods


When shipping internationally, the goods must be passed through customs to be cleared before the final delivery. In some cases, there will be VAT and duties payable for the imported goods. 


Below 3 elements to help determine the duty rate of the imported Goods :


  1. Value of the Goods
  2. Origin of the Goods
  3. H.S. classification


For Online Orders :


  • The value used to determine duty free thresholds is the value of the total consignment
  • Common Duty Free Thresholds for Online Orders is highlighted on Shipping Methods
  • GST/VAT for imported goods is applied in most of the cases
  • Support Section 321/US and EORI&IOSS/EU/UK


For Online Orders to US :


  • For consignment ≤ USD 800 (known as de minimis), we offer 2 options:
  • Section 321 clearance, Duty/Tax free
  • Section 321 clearance, via Canada Cross Border (CPTPP/ USMCA/ CUSMA), Duty/Tax free,
  • For consignment ≤ USD 2,500 we offer informal entry processes


Ground parcels/shipments shipped from Canada to USA is able to have benefits of low trucking/rail cost but subject to Entry Preparation Fee less than USD40/shipment (value upto USD2500, but Free for value upto USD800)


Our network support to get job done to most common international clearance methods below:


  • B2C Clearance
  • Postal Clearance
  • Express Clearance
  • Commercial Clearance
  • B2B2C Clearance
  • C2C (Personal Clearance)




Last Mile Delivery


Last Mile Delivery (LMD) is so important to the Customer journey and consumer satisfaction.


It is a job on delivering a eCommerce product from fulfillment center to the Customer, by international couriers such as Dhl, Fedex, Ups or by local postal couriers such as USPS, Canada Post, etc.


  • Residential Area Deliveries (Dhl, Fedex, Ups, Local Postal courier)
  • Flexibility Options (Buyers change address, time to minimize Missed Delivery)
  • Delivery Times and Missed Delivery (IT support, store API/ app integration)


How to reduce the cost of last-mile delivery in front of some challenges of speed and lost delivery, returns and factors of environment is one of our prime eCommerce solution objectives. 


  • Shipment programming and Route planning (Computing optimal routes, GPS, RFID)
  • Residential area delivery
  • Mobile App fully-tracked
  • Proof of Delivery (Digital way)


Our LMD services for B2B, B2B2C, B2C, C2C: 

  • Fulfilment Center to Amazon
  • Fulfilment Center to Buyer
  • Bonded Warehouse to Buyer
  • Direct Courier
  • Accepting Return, Store and Reprocess, or Discard