In the trend of globalization and economic integration, Vietnamese companies have more and more demands of sending samples worldwide quickly, safely and securely. Understood those necessities, KUL EXPRESS expands its express service to more than 220 countries around the world.


We have operated our services of shipping Documents, Samples, Parcels and Mails worldwide from Vietnam by air express with competitive prices, through contracts with DHL, Fedex, Ups as well as through our special dedicated services as from 2018.


Benefits for our Customers :

  • Good advices to send samples by our well trained staffs
  • Receive and respond all booking and/or claims 247 
  • Update Clients shipment’s status daily over our online Track-Trace system
  • Fast delivery, cost-saving but prestige & safety
  • Acceptable Quoted express fees (included fuel & covid surcharges, ...) have no hidden charges except destination tax/duty and special cases of force of majeurs
  • Experienced staffs are always ready for Customers during shipment
  • Payment methods are diversified and convenient
  • Support Customers against arising problems such as damage, lost, etc. quickly, promptly and transparently, ensuring the interests of Customers.
  • Competitive and Long term express fee (valid for a period of time 6 months to 1 year)
  • Fast and safe delivery with Promotion package for companies 
  • Full support to all inquiries regarding packaging, pick-up time and other special requirements
  • List of orders in detailed will be fully updated on monthly SOA for Customers’ good reference
  • Service contracts will be signed and VAT invoice will be issued accordingly


We always take all good delivery methods to have your shipments ensured doorstep sending.






Int'l Documents and Samples Express


We seriously understand the extreme importance of Documents and Samples.


Our designed process practically work well and secure the Customers’ satisfaction. We are proud to be a top choice of both local EXIM companies and overseas Organizations.




  • Type of Documents : Shipping documents, Catalogs, Offering Letters, Bidding Files, Passports, Visa, Enrollment Files, English Examination, etc (upto 2kg)
  • Type of Samples : Chocolate, Cosmetics, Healthcare devices, Specimens, Agri-products, Furniture, Clothes, Cements, Rubber, Tiles, Handmade crafts, etc
  • Type of Shipment : C2C, B2B
  • Type of Delivery : Doorsteps (Most of countries)
  • Coverage : 200+ countries
  • Delivery time : 2+ business days
  • Pick up within HCM : Yes and Free
  • Includes Tracking : Yes and Free
  • Courier services : DHL, FEDEX, UPS, others
  • Flight schedule : Daily (subject to prior notice if any change)




  • Services Package : Priority (Corporate)
  • Bags for Document : Special Plastics Bags - provided
  • Cartons for Sample : Specification is subject to goods’ GW (good materials)
  • Services Support : Phyto-sanitary Cert., Gel Ice, Vaccum
  • Proof of Delivery : Receiver’s signature
  • AWB to provide : Before Goods picked-up


We operate and send documents and samples every day, including Saturday morning time.


Please contact us via email or text message, phone, our staff will respond quickly.



International Parcel Express


We can handle general goods including daily foods, households goods (Clothes, Shoes, Personal stuffs) or overweighted/oversized goods as well as conditioned goods which required special handling such as frozen foods, fruit, etc.




  • Commodity : General Cargoes, non-Prohibited or non-Counterfeit items
  • Type of shipments : C2C, B2C, B2B
  • Package Quantity : Unlimited
  • Type of Delivery : Doorstep (Most countries)
  • Coverage : 200+ countries
  • Delivery time : 5+ business days
  • Pick up within HCM : Yes and Free
  • Includes Tracking : Yes and Free
  • Volumetric Calculation : Length x Width x Height / 5000
  • Courier services : DHL, FEDEX, UPS, others
  • Flight schedule : Daily (subject to prior notice if any change)
  • Dest. Duty/Tax : Receiver
  • Customs Clearance : DDU




  • Courier fee is subject to Destination and greater weight of GW and DIM
  • Extra packing materials (Bubble wrapping) is supported
  • Support Phyto-sanitary Cert., Gel Ice, Vaccum
  • Special Goods will be Handle with care labelled
  • Subject to weight restrictions in some Destination countries
  • Subject to oversize (120cm) & overweight (70kg) surcharges
  • Subject to remote area surcharges
  • Subject to customs inspection at both sides
  • Subject to delay of delivery due to flight schedule, customs clearance, etc.
  • Subject to Customs Duties, Value Added Surcharges & any other Govt. taxes at the Destination


Our partners are world-class couriers who have a worldwide network and professional delivery system, with standardized process, helping to deliver the order to the recipient in its entirety, to avoid lost or wrong address, so as to maximize the benefits for customers beside Fast delivery time & Real-time status shipment updates.



International Mail Express


With the increase on online spending, safe and fast but cost-effective delivery is top priority. Based on our global network, we will send your shipments to your international Customers across the world including door to door tracking to support you good follow up delivery status of your packages. 


Postal Delivery channel


  • Commodity : eCommerce Goods, non-Prohibited or non-Counterfeit items
  • Max Posting DIM : 340 mm (L) x 240 mm (W) x 70 mm (H)
  • Max Posting GW : ≤2kg
  • Type of Shipments : B2C
  • Type of Delivery : Doorstep (Most countries), FBM/Door
  • Coverage : 200+ countries
  • Delivery Time : Standard
  • Pick up within HCM : Yes and Free
  • Includes Tracking : Yes and Free
  • Dest. Duty/Tax : Receivers
  • Customs Clearance : DDU


Express Courier Delivery channel


  • Commodity : eCommerce Goods, non-Prohibited or non-Counterfeit items
  • Type of Shipments : B2C, B2B
  • Type of Delivery : Doorstep (Most countries); to FBA, WH/FBA, FBM/Door
  • Coverage : 200+ countries
  • Delivery Time : 5+ business days
  • Pick up within HCM : Yes and Free
  • Includes Tracking : Yes and Free
  • Dest. Duty/Tax : Receivers
  • Customs Clearance : DDU/DDP




  • System handle eCom traffic supporting EU/UK customs parameters
  • System support of Order Creating/Label Generating/EORI/IOSS adding
  • Flight schedule on Wed and Sat (subject to change)
  • Subject to Customs Inspection which may require addition days
  • Powered by Canada Post, USPS, Sing Post, Japan Post, La Poste, DHL, Fedex, Ups


Delivery times are dependant on the distance the goods have to travel, how many scheduled flights there are between the countries, and the efficiency of customs in the country of destination.



CANADA eCommerce Express


Our network as members of CIFFA, IATA who are cross boarder eCommerce local logistics companies commit to provide professional services of customs clearance, warehousing, packing, and last mile delivery of all eCommerce products to end Consumers within Canada and in USA.


Through fulfillment centers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, we will shorten delivery time and minimize cost as well for any shipment.


  • 20+ year experience of logistics and fulfillment services in Canada
  • National wide coverage including fulfillment centers
  • GW < 30kg, Tax Threshold CAD20, DDU/DDP, 3-8 working days within Canada
  • DIM limitation L<100cm, W<100cm, H<100cm
  • Postal Delivery ex VN 5-20 days
  • Courier Delivery ex VN ~10 days


Customer can consider 2 optional models of Delivery process in Canada, of which one is Micro Business Involved Warehouse where Canada Post come to our Agent WH to pick up and deliver Goods to Consumers, while the another one is Direct Courier when Goods after customs cleared by our agent will be sent directly to Canada Post WH who will deliver it then to Consumers. 


For eCommerce Goods to US via CA :

- For consignment ≤ USD 800 (known as de minimis)

- Required information : Shipper/Consignee name and address, Goods specific description, Quantity/GW/Value, Country of Origin

- Many e-commerce shipments (including low-value and informal entries) clear customs quickly and usually without delays at US boarder

- No duties and fees applied for shipments “Direct to Consumer” or destined for online fulfillment centers (Amazon, Shopify, etc) or through US Distributor 

- Goods shipped from Canada imported by “one person on one day” under Section 321 Clearance

- We offer 2 main transport modes are 1) Postal services : for small shipments to comply with Canada Post's regulations of size/weight/ content (8-15 days); and 2) Express Courier services : for small shipments loading with DHL, Fedex, UPS (6-14 days Door to Door, <50kg, weight and size restriction)

- Certainly our network can also deliver large shipments by land (truck 3-10 days, rail 7-10 days) with more cost effective.

- DDP services offered for delivery Goods to fulfillment centers of Amazon and other online marketplaces in US